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Mark Wahlberg AKA "Marky Mark" wants Eminem to star in his next movie!

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Eminem is back on the music scene with "Relapse," his first album in four years -- and ever since his reemergence, it seems like he's all over the entertainment industry.

In an interview yesterday with hip hop DJ Whoo Kid, actor Mark Wahlberg mentioned that he's considering Eminem as a possible costar in a boxing movie he has in the works.

He started off by talking about Matt Damon, who was supposed to be in the movie, which is titled "The Fighter" and is slated for release in 2011.

"We were supposed to do this boxing movie together," Wahlberg said. "We were going to play brothers and I don't think he's really feeling up to it so maybe we'll get Eminem to play the part."

According to sources, the movie is a drama about an Irish boxer whose brother helps him train to win the world welterweight title in the 1980s.

Wahlberg explains that they want his character's brother to be someone with "some real edge" and that he has already talked to Eminem about the role. Another possibility is his real-life brother (it wasn't clear whether he was referring to New Kid on the Block Donnie or another brother.)

"We want it to kinda feel authentic as opposed to getting some soft Hollywood act," Wahlberg said.

Other big names already cast in the film are Amy Adams and Christian Bale.

hmmm...I thought Marky Mark didn't like "rap" music anymore LOL

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