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The Game to donate procceds of MJ Tribute- How did the record come about?

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Taking credit for coming up with the tribute record, Game said he reached out to DJ Khalil and then began making his rounds with the featured artists.

"I started reaching out to Diddy," Game said in an interview. "He's on a set 18 hours a day, but he said he'd get it done some way, somehow. Talked to Chris Brown. He and [his manager] Tina Davis said they were on their way to the studio -- so they told me after I do my part, to bring it over and Chris will do the hook. Before I took the beat over to Chris, Boyz II Men walked into the studio randomly -- so they took it to their studio next door, laid down all the background vocals. Then I took it to Mario [Winans], then I took it to Diddy. In the meantime, me and my boy Taydoe -- we running around to the hospital, to the Jacksons' house, to the star on Hollywood, getting all this [secondary] footage [for the video]. Crazy...All the proceeds of anything that I do that has anything to do with Michael Jackson will go to his family and his children. And that's just the bottom line." (CNN)

...hmm so Tina Davis is STILL Chris Brown's manager?? (sorry I got sidetracked after that LOL)

After the whole "RiRi" incident, it was said that she stepped down due to all the allegations. Davis and Brown were rumored to have had a sexual relationship when the R&B star was only 16, something both have denied.

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