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Eminem and 50 Cent to Release Album TOGETHER?

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Word is.....Eminem's new album “King Mathers” and 50 Cent’s “Before I Self Destruct” will be released together as a Double CD….with Disc one being 50′s album and Disc 2 being Eminems album…

Though each will be promoted with singles and videos, etc….the physical cd release in stores will be “packaged together” to ensure a successful first few weeks at retail.

However, interscope has said that the digital releases will infact be separate purchases.

50 Cent recently told MTV:, July 22: "We haven't [seriously] discussed making an album together, 'cause we would have to sit collectively and create each song," [50] said. "Unless we was doing something where half of it was his and half of it was mine. And conceptually, maybe if he came up with the first six songs and I built the last six songs and we just featured on each other's records, you know what I mean? We'd do that in a heartbeat."

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