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Diddy talks to Larry King on MJ's death/ Usher walks off set?

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Usher did not “Walk off” the show on camera but it was evident his interview was cut short as he thanked King for having him extremely upset over famed doctor and motivational speaker Deepak Chopra and reporters talking about Michael Jackson’s alleged drug addictions. Usher stated to King: “I realize this is your platform, but a family has lost a son, a brother, a father and they are still mourning the loss, all the other stuff will eventually come out but I can’t believe we are sitting here talking about addiction at this point!” Usher’s statement turned the tide and Larry was not happy about it. The funeral has not even been planned and Michael’s image continues to be tarnished only days after he died. Usher left on a good note and on a respectable note but it was evident he did not want to continue as he thanked King for having him on the show. When King realized Usher was about to leave, he quickly excused him and said he would have him back at a later date. Usher and Liza’s segment were filmed at a remote location. Larry then turned to his in-studio guests and asked them if they thought the content of the show, talking about Jackson’s drug use, was wrong and they agreed with Usher and Liza.

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