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Ace Hood- Diddy's NEW BAD BOY?

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DJ Khaled protege Ace Hood recently spoke on his rap career and revealed his aim to one day reach the same success as hip-hop mogul Diddy.

In 5 years where would Ace Hood be?...

"I'm going to be so rich," he explained in an interview. "My brand is going to be like a Bad Boy label. We're going to be one of the biggest mobs in the game. We going to have everything on smash. I might just build another community in another island or something. Show you whatt We The Best is! Nah, but for real, 5 years from now, I just hope to be successful. One day, I could have artists of my own being able to buy their own million dollar cribs, and have things of their own. Have their own Bentleys and Phantoms. I just wanna have Ace Hood bumping in every city, like a New York. I could just have an Ace Hood poster or an Ace Hood clothing line. Just have a brand for myself. I just want people to see Ace Hood as the rapper, the dude with the clothing line, all while the money is counting up. That's how we gonna get it."

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