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Young Jeezy's associate gets STABBED! Jeezy says Gucci is jealous!

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A member of Young Jeezy's entourage is recovering in an Atlanta hospital right now, after the rapper's friend was stabbed during a nightclub brawl early yesterday.

Sources say, "Bama" (aka Antonio Henry), Young Jeezy and several members of the crew were partying at an event at the Luckie Lounge in downtown Atlanta. Around 2:30 in the morning, we're told a huge brawl erupted -- in which Bama was stabbed multiple times. It's unclear how serious the injuries are.

Bama was taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital, where he is still receiving treatment. We're told two other people were also stabbed during the fight.

Jeezy spoke on the stabbing and confirming he was at Luckie Lounge Wednesday night, Jeezy said he left the scene unharmed.

"We was at the bar," Jeezy said in an interview. "I know they said something broke out, but we ain't catch nothing. We got up out of the building and we left. Headed back to the studio and kicked it...H*ll no! N*ggas stab me? Ain't no one dead is it? [laughs] Nah, we one hundred, quit playing. I'm a tell you something too man, you better quit listening to them TMZ-*ss dudes, man. Come on man. These internet gangstas -- I mean, b*tches. Nah, we good man. We one hundred. Everybody we left with was good. Club pretty much closed after that. I ain't see nothing so I can't tell ya. We had a ball, man. We got up outta there."

Remember, Jeezy just put out a diss record against Gucci Mane and Oj Da Juiceman click here to listen to the track and read that story.

Jeezy said in regards to that track: "It's not like I had a problem with him — he had a problem with me, because he was jealous," Young has refused to address Gucci for years and says this interview about the subject will be his last. "It was more so of when dude went away, did his little time or whatever — he came back. The sh-- was squashed. I wasn't trippin' on him. I was getting my money on. I was done with it. I was on my grind. I wasn't really paying attention what was going on [with Gucci]. But as you know, Slick Pulla is locked up. A few of my partners that I really been down with since day one. He started taking shots on his little mixtapes. I was really kinda done with it, because on 'Stay Strapped,' I killed him with one verse. To make a long story short, I'm tired of the bullsh--, because I know him. He ain't like that. To be honest, I don't have a problem with Gucci because I wear it — I have a problem with Radric [Gucci's Mane's given name]."

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