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What happened at the BET Awards? Oh Boy!!!!

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Last nights show was completely re-vamped due to the tragic death of Michael Jackson. It took a wide turn with heavy last minute planning to change the show around with such short notice- they got it done but unfortunately to me they could have done ALOT better. I watched it with an open mind and thought it was starting off good but I was far from right. This was BET's chance to show the world what they got and they FLOPPED. I'm sure MJ's family was happy to have them do something....but damn there were only like 3 songs song of his. I must say, half way through the show I broke down in tears! I was totally upset that they wasted so much time NOT TRIBUTING MJ! I feel that God or a higher power brought all those old school and new school classic artists together for this purpose and BET wasted it. Well let me tell you how it went anyways......

Joe Jackson arrived without tickets about 30 minutes before show time, sending workers and media into a frenzy. He later sat with Rev. Al Sharpton to watch the awards.

A six member New Edition took us all by surprise. Yes, Bobby was there.

Jamie Foxx made it a point to say "We want to celebrate this black man. He belongs to us and we shared him with everyone else." He was hilarious as usual though....he kept it light, poking fun at Jackson's nose and the change in his skin tone over the years. "Michael was all kinds of black. He was Wesley Snipes and Chico DeBarge at the same time." He then pointed at Diddy and said, “Don’t you dare stop dancing. I’ll moonwalk all over your ass.” He then topped that with his affectionate speech about MJ where he proclaimed, “I love the old nose and the new nose.” LOL I must say without Jamie I do not know what BET would have done.

To accommodate the thirty extra minutes added on to the show for MJ, the nominee clips were axed. The presenters simply announced the category and the winner. Um, didn’t quite work BET, but we understand I guess.

Jay-Z performed Death of Autotune.

No one expected Beyonce to sing Ave Maria. In fact, some of the fans were downright pissed. How dare she not jiggle during a BET awards show! LOL The performance seemed a bit out of place, however her operatic version of the song was simply beautiful. A sort of silent mesmirization washed over the crowd. She looked and sounded beautiful...but maybe a MJ song would have helped!

Ne-Yo took gave us a trip down memory lane and brought out Keith Sweat, Guy and BBD. Keith and his wining got the crowd hype, but when Guy came out...BBD took the stage…it was beautiful only if they took that time to do TRIBUTE!! and they DID NOT =/ (now you see what Im talking about) even Chaka was there!

Teleprompters were off I guess because there was SO MANY ERRORS!! wow

Let's just fast forward (believe me, you want me to)...

On to Cash Money, the epic fail of the evening. Drake, whom everyone was dying to see, recently tore his ACL, and was bound to a Def Poetry inspired stool for the duration of the entire performance. Not too exciting. Lil Wayne comes out to perform that charming lil’ song about wanting to “f**k” every girl in the world. (with all curse words!) The problem is that several Hannah Montana extra came out with him. These little girls looked every bit of twelve, had no choreography and basically danced around like they were at their BFF’s sleepover. Tragic. Weezy’s daughter was among the mix and as for the others…just embarrasing LOL

Both Kanye and Chris Brown were absent from the festivities. Kanye was scheduled to perform and there was no word as to why he didn’t. Chris was also rumored to have practiced his number and then “something came up.” Hmmm. (I am actually glad he did not. I know he would have killed it, but it's just too fast to glorify him already)

The above video is of the best part of the night...which was capped off by a teary-eyed, emotional speech given by Janet Jackson, who shared a few words about her brother. This was just GROUND BREAKING; she made her first public appearance since her brother’s death and spoke on behalf of their entire family, thanking the fans for love and support. “To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family and he will forever live in all of our hearts. … Thank you for all of your support. We miss him so much.”

After the awards my Twitter following went on an outrage! Some happy, most not so happy. Take a look at some of YOUR feedback...even Celebrities put in there two sense!

Rt @ImBigRoii bet VH1,MTV, and the grammys would have did a better tribute and those awards are ran by white ppl,smh,dis is truly sad.

RT @DeeHarlemgrlEb @djladyt da beginning to mid was the best....n yes Weezy n dem was hot garbage

RT @LadyJaii BET did Michael dirty, MTV plz put together a bangin ass tribute for the king of pop. Thanx!

RT @geechi_suede what is BET's address, i wish to return my race card..... are the asians accepting applications?

RT @QtipTheAbstract: BET is f**king trash!!! how do u have chaka khan at the bet awards and she doesnt sing her cover of got to be there

BET president Debra Lee told audiences the following:

“When we heard the news of Michael Jackson’s passing, we knew immediately we were going to have to change the nature of this show. It was a labor love. Michael was truly a musical deity.”

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