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Rza looking at Chris Brown to star in "The Last Dragon" the remake!

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With his latest film venture, a remake of the classic 80's flick The Last Dragon, in the works, Wu-Tang's RZA says he is scounting out Chris Brown for the starring role.

RZA, one of the executive producers of the project, says he has already been in touch with Brown regarding playing the lead character of Leroy Green (most affectionately known as Bruce Leroy), says

"I holla'd at Chris and he seemed very interested," RZA said. "I never -- I didn't holla at Rihanna. But I holla'd at Chris one day. You know we came across each other in the studio, and I saw him at one of those award shows, and I said, 'I really got you at the top of the list to bring this character back' and he said that he actually loved the character. He said he loved Bruce Lee and he's a fan of The Last Dragon. I was like, wow, that's cool cause there's four of us that votes on it, but my vote is on him."

According to RZA, the conversation occured before the now infamous incident between the R&B singer and Rihanna, but that doesn't effect his level of interest in his casting choice.

"[I asked him] about a month before -- just before the jump off, but I'm still with it," RZA said. "I'm still with it. Yea, I think it adds even more of a dynamic so he could do good on the screen. I'm one of those kinds of directors though. I'm one of those kind of people that loves to get dynamic."

At press time, Brown had yet to publicly accept RZA's offer.

hmm I wonder if Chris is still down to do it..I will keep you posted!

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