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R.Kelly planning to return with a BANG! Ne-yo says, "Working with him is a nightmare"

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Guess who's back? That's right, it is the one and only R.Kelly a.k.a. The Pied Piper. Last time we heard from him, he was being acquitted for child pornography charges, but he is looking to put that behind him and to give the public what they want, good music.

R.Kelly briefly showed face when he appeared on an unofficial remix to Beyonce's hit single "If I Were A Boy" off of her album I Am...Sasha Fierce. The remix went on to receive bocu spins on the radio and might have ruffled hubby Jay-Z's feathers; let's not forget, he and R.Kelly had a mini-quarrel during their Best Of Both World's tour. He also did not get in good with Neyo, another artist he embarked on a tour with that described it as a nightmare working with Kelly.

Now R.Kelly is ready to return to R&B; first stop, Africa. Everyone know's when you are not so loved in the U.S. the best place to get your feet wet and to kick start a comeback is in another country, for R.Kelly it will be the land of riches. According to sources, R.Kelly will make his debut in the continent by way of a tour this month. He will participate in the ARISE African Fashion Awards, a gala that will take place in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 20th, 2009.

R.Kelly is very pleased to be taking a trip to the Motherland and performing, describing it as a dream that will finally come true.

It will be one of the highlights of not only my career but my life. I can't wait to perform in front of my fans in Africa--who have been some of the best in the world. -via All Hip Hop.

R.Kelly is one of the best producers and performers of our time. He has inspired a lot of today's up and coming artists and have made some really groundbreaking classic records, but can his fans and music followers forgive him for his past discretions?

Celebrities and artists alike have done not so great things in their careers and yet fans usually find it in their hearts to forgive and forget, maybe R.Kelly can make a very successful comeback of course if music lovers are willing to leave the past in the past. Either way, it doesn't look like R.Kelly is looking to retreat into hiding after his very publicized mistake. We will have to see if R.Kelly can really stand the test of time.

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