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Max B found GUILTY for murder conspiracy charges!

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Former Byrd Gang/Dipset associate Max B has been found guilty on multiple felony murder conspiracy charges stemming from a fatal 2006 robbery. The rapper, along with his brother, were found guilty of nine out of 11 counts.

Max B was accused of being the mastermind behind a $30,000 robbery that targeted two wealthy men. According to reports, Max and his step brother Kelvin Leerdam, and his girlfriend Gina Conway (who ended up being the prosecution's secret weapon) conspired to commit the robbery.

Max's ex-girlfriend, Gina Conway, testified for the prosecution in the rapper's murder trial two weeks ago. According to Conway's statement, Max planned the 2006 murder/robbery in a fit of jealousy after she informed him that her now boyfriend Allan Plowden bought her expensive gifts and "drove a $120,000 Mercedes Benz and routinely carried cash."

Max, whose real name is Charles Wingate, will be sentenced on July 30.

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