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Lil Wayne f&^%ed his background singer! Now Nivea is pissed?

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Ok so check this out, Nivea has an alter ego and decided to update her myspace status to this............
Via Randy Watson Myspace (Nivea’s alter ego)

Mood: betrayed

Wanting everyone to know that Shanell (the background slut that sings with lil wayne) is a piece of trash and not to be respected! she smiled in my face all whi –

…um, she didn’t finish the sentence but I’m sure I know what she’s implying…

What I gather is Nivea is implying that Wayne may be with his background singer Shanell (D Woods sister…) and she found out. All the while she’s pregnant with a baby boy and Wayne is the “rumored” father. Actress Lauren London is also rumored to be pregnant with Lil Wayne’s child.
(Shanell, D Wood sister)

I could be wrong but it looks like Wayne is getting it in. ;-) This is getting interesting.

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