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KRS ONE give Eminem advice!

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“But Eminem is dope man that new record ‘I must’ve killed them, killed them’ the writing of that is brilliant…I’m never gonna say anything derogatory about Eminem ‘cause I respect him,” said KRS-One. “I just hope that the pressure he’s feeling is not gonna overcome him. Eminem if you listening to me right now dog don’t live up to none of that hype just do you. Focus on your rhyme-writing. Focus on your lyric delivery. That’s it. Nothing else matters.”

I don't know who asked him but there you go! Think Em needs his advice? LOL

By the way ever seen this pic....lmao!

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  1. he just lost proof and he's been m.i.a for 3yrs he's gona get looked @ to do number's of course the new lp is banging thou, so he aint got nothing to worry about advice is always good thou. - dj mindbenda (all-pro d.j's/ s.i.d-city ent)