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Jay-Z's secret son back in the spotlight...

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So here is the deal. Before Beyonce, allegedly there was Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott. Turns out she and Jay Z had a baby together back in 2001 and the rapper has been able to keep him out of the news for the last 7 years.

Now can reveal that it is true indead that the fiercely private Jay-Z – who’s worth an estimated $400 million – reportedly has a secret 7-year-old son who he’s amazingly managed to hide from the limelight all this time. The boy has a striking resemblance to Jay. Word is, Scott and her son allegedly reside in Trinidad in a $2.5 million home purchased for her by Jay.

Jay-Z has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the claims, despite reports that he’s privately admitted paternity. BeyoncĂ©, whom he married in April 2008, is now apparently accepting of the boy and is even said to have gone on holiday with her stepson in the South of France.

Living quietly in that $2.5 million house in Trinidad, the report goes onto claim that a paternity test was administered and a match was made.

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UPDATED (SEPT. 17, 2011)

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