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Jay-Z Death of Autotune D.O.A ----OFFICIAL VERSION ((W/ DJ CLUE'S NAME IN IT)) Why was it cut out??? **INCLUDES FULL INTERVIEW

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Ok so here is the OFFICIAL VERSION of Jay-Z's DOA!

If you seen my last blog click here you know what happened the other night with Funk Flex & Mister Cee on HOT97 in NYC. They were very confident that they broke Jay-Z's new record and did not want anyone editing out their names. Funny thing is that THEY edited out Clue's name. Now I know from being a previous employee of HOT97 that they will not blast Clue's name out on air simply because he used to work there and they are on competitor stations. The real question is, why would you go out of your way to say "don't edit their names out" when they did that exact thing.

DONT YOU THINK---If it was a real "conflict of interest" to put his name on air, then they just shouldn't have acted like they were the only djs mentioned.

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