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Drake Talks Jay-Z & Lil Wayne & 2 Mil Bidding War!!!!

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He is arguably the most talked about up-and-coming artist since Kanye West and 50 Cent and he is focused on making the best music with the best people. "Everybody is looking for this one joint with me and Jay, so that needs to happen," Drake says.

Although Drake continues to build his rep, he says the one person he seeks advice from is Lil Wayne, the head of his Young Money crew." Wayne is another one that — rap-wise, verse-wise — was my favorite,” he said. “And to be under his wing, to be able to interact with him on a daily basis and talk to him and get information from him — I’m in a blessed position. I have the greatest mentors, the greatest teachers in the world. They all have gradually started to embrace me more and more, so it’s a great feeling.”

In related news, Drake is rumored to be in the middle of big bidding war as he is currently not signed to a major label. Although its believed that Drake will probably sign with Universal due to their relationship with his Young Money crew, sources have told news outlets that three majors are in possibly "one of the biggest bidding wars ever." It is rumored that an undisclosed company has offered Drake $2 million to join their ranks. Read more on this story, click here

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