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DMX ready to get back to work...1st stop, Kanye for beats!

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DMX is free and ready to get back into the rap game. In a new interview DMX talked about what he is currently up to. "I'm working on the album right now," X told Vibe. "Getting this sh*t done. I got a few more songs to go. I got a crazy joint with Sean Kingston. F*cking sick, yo. Fire. And I got some sh*t with Swizz that's ridiculous...I just hit Kanye West the other day for some beats. Also, the same people that I been f*cking with, like Dame Grease. I've been working on this project for so long, I forgot who else gave me f*cking beats...I wanna shut n*ggas the f*ck up! I'm still on probation, so it is what it is. I'm just working man. That's where my focus is, work...Hopefully [the album comes out] this year. I'm just getting it done. The release will be in the hands of the powers that be."

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