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Chris Brown's Ex Girlfriend says Rihanna started the whole fight! She tells HER OWN take on what happened...

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Check out what one of Chris' former girlfriends - and current friend - a woman named Yanni said in her video blog:

I was [with Chris Brown] before Rih Rih. I had him when he was fresh ... [we dated] for like a year and a half. And here's her take on the incident:

See nobody's showing the picture of Chris' face [after the incident]. Nobody's showing his face picture - [Rihanna] fu*ked him up. Scraped down the side of his face, busted up nose, face bleeding. Nobody is saying how she fu*ked him up.

They're only trying to make Rihanna [??] look bad and I do not like that beca use she's trying to be the victim ... and she's been fu*cking [Chris] up for a minute. She stay fighting him - like all the time. Her mouth is reckless. She be embarrassing him in front of people ... And I hate the fact that her and her friends and her publicist tried to go out there and make [Chris] look like just whooped her azz for no reason.

Chris is not the type of [man] to beat a b*tch azz. I know the n*gga ... He's got an anger problem, but it's never to beat nobody's azz like that. And there's more:[Chris] turned around and smacked the sh*t out that b*tch. All he did was hit her once ... The only reason [Rihann] got that knot on her forehead is that ... [Chriss] stopped the car and her head banged into the [dashboard].

She adds that there were no bite marks, and that the incident was caused when Rihanna read a text on his sidekick, got mad, “mushing” it in his face, which caused his nose to bleed.

Do you think she is telling the truth?? That sidekick mush in face sounds on point....hmmm what you think (that STILLLL does not justify anything though, I'm just saying)

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