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Canadian BEEF? Drake vs. Kardinal Offishall

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Refusing to let the U.S. hip-hop icons hog all the drama, rising Canadian rap star Drake seems to have a little bit of beef with fellow Canadian, Kardinal Offishall. In a video statement (see below), Drake revealed that he’s upset with Kardinal for doing a song on his “City of Mine” beat without his permission.

"If he was going to do that, I would rather him do that on a separate track and just do a remix with me. We could have shot a video for it,” Drake says. "I guess what bothers me so much about it is we could have been cool. It's like, yeah, I'm upset about the fact that now I feel like when I see this dude, I can't really say 'what up,' because if I do I feel like, you know, it's a shot to my pride. You know what I'm saying? I'm going to feel like a punk if I go up to you and say 'what up' after you tried to put me in a situation."

Drake is also currently up in arms over an unofficial mixtape called The Girls Don’t Love Drake, which is currently available on iTunes and other online retailers. The mix was released without Drake’s awareness, and many of the songs include uncleared samples. Potentially, this could mean legal issues for Drake, but he’s sent a cease and desist to anyone selling it, so it should be cool.

The rapper, a former star of Degrassi: The Next Generation, is currently in a bidding war with labels for the release of his debut record.


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