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Bow Wow "I don't really know Rihanna...bros before hoes"

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Although he was in a recent video blog from Chris Brown, Bow Wow has officially came forward to say he will be standing behind Chris Brown in his alleged domestic dispute with Rihanna. In a new interview, Bow Wow explains "Chris is my best friend, that's my little dude. I hold him down. I think the media, when they took hold of it being that was the first time they just seen him and made a whirl wind."

Bow Wow says bro's before hoe's. "The business is business, [his case] don't faze me. Friendships and best friends means more to me. So if he want me to be there for him, I'll be there. I don't really know [Rihanna]. She's a sweet heart and with the utmost respect, but like I said, if my man wants me there for him, I'll be there for him."
Bow Wow Stands By Chris Brown

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