Tila Tequila challenges Pretty Ricky's Spectacular to ANOTHER GRIND OFF!! Who Wins??? **UPDATEDD!!

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aww man @IamSpectacular PART 2!! http://bit.ly/S1aAf in response2 @officialtila (spec says- STRICLY 4 the ladies!) LADIES A MUST C LMAO!


While Spec was CURRENTLY online talking about the "challenge" ... he suddenly disappeared! Did Spec leave Tila hanging dry???????

Does that mean I WIN since he signed off??????? haha! U know I love u babe @IamSpectacular...I'm just kiddin around.....xoxoxoxoxoxx

@officialTila I did sign off! Lol... They said you did great!! Imma do mines live tomorrow!!!

Will be we seeing those same speedos again?? LOL...

HAHA! HOT PINK BABY RT: @IamSpectacular @officialTila ;-) let's get it! What color boxer briefs this time??? What color you wanna see?

@officialTila lmafo!!!!!!! Hell naw!!!!!


So I think we have all seen Spec's half naked grinding video calling out the R&B cats right? watch video here Well now VH1 and Myspace celebrities, Tila Tequila, is challenging him to another! It all popped off on twitter around 2AM Eastern time.

Tila says...
YO! @IamSpectacular I challenge you to a grind-off!!!! =) xoxo
Spec says...
@officialTila Deal!!! Same ova here!

@DJLADYT its a deal to me!
HAHAHHAHA! IT'S OFFICIAL!! @IamSpectacular has taken up my challenge offer for a GRIND OFF!!! TAKING BETS NOW!!! WHO U BETTIN ON? LOL

Tila actually came through!

So then it's on right???? well so far only Tila has submitted hers click here to see it!

Will Spec do anotherrrrrrr videooo??? .........

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