Rihanna got a new man???? is it rapper, DRAKE?

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Rihanna's new man?, Aubrey "Drake" Graham

Rihanna's new man, Aubrey "Drake" Graham??

It looks like Rihanna has a new man! Word is....Rihanna is hooking up with Aubrey "Drake" Graham. People reports that Rihanna and Aubrey "Drake" Graham were spotted at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge. They were very cozy a source told the magazine "The two of them were stealing kisses here and there the whole night,"

We can only wonder what Chris Brown thinks of Rihanna's new man. Many people assume that Chris Brown was the one who leaked the nude pics of Rihanna. Chris Brown has denied he had anything to do with the photo leak. Perhaps Aubrey "Drake" Graham got someone angry enough to leak those pictures of Rihanna online?

We wish only the best for Rihanna. We hop she is as happy with Aubrey as we hear.

Drake has denied he is Rihanna's boyfriend. He's says they are "just friends."

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